S.No. Name Designation Institution
1 Dr. Binay Kumar Chaudhary Professor
Member &
Life Member
D. D. E, L.N.M.U., Darbhanga.
Syndicate, K.S.D.S.U, Darbhanga. & Senate, L.N.M.U, Darbhanga
2 Dr. Nirmal Kumar Asstt. Prof D.D.E, LNMU, Darbhanga
3 Dr. Ehsanul Haque Principal Mithila T. T. College, Madhubani
4 Dr. Azharullah Principal Guru Nanak College, Hazaribagh
5 Mr. Alok Kumar Sinha Principal D.I.E.T, Madhepur
6 Dr. S. Jabin Asstt. Prof D.D.E, LNMU, Darbhanga
7 Mr. Balbir Singh Rajawat Principal, Govt. H. S. Alwar
8 Mr. Bajrang Sharma Principal Govt. Inter College, Rajgarh, Rajasthan
9 Dr. Shamim Ahmad Principal Al-Iqra T. T. College, Dhanbad,
10 Dr. Nasreen Nawab Principal Wood bine School, Darbhanga
11 Mr. Aqueel A. Khan Asstt. Prof. S.M.Zahir Alam T. T. College, Bahera, Darbhanga
12 Dr. Shubhra Asstt. Prof. D.D.E, L.N.M.U, Darbhanga
13 Syed Md. Haseen Teacher Embassy School, Jaddah, KSA
14 Mrs. Tarannum Teacher Soghra Girls High School, Darbhanga
15 Dr. Renu Kumari Vice-Principal Millat College, Madhubani
16 Dr. Moti Vice-Principal Oriental T. T. College, Darbhanga
17 Miss. Mamta Singh Financial Advisor Canada
18 Dr. Rabindra Kumar Asstt. Prof Sahebgunj College, Sahebgunj.
19 Mr. Md. Iftekhar Alam Asstt. Headmaster Muslim High School, Bhagalpur
20 Dr. Ruby Kumari Asstt. Prof R. K. College, Madhubani
21 Dr. Syed Perwez H. O. D. Education T. P. College, Madhepura
22 Dr. Shashi Bhushan Prasad HOD, Deptt. Of Edu R. K. College, Madhubani
23 Dr. Ashraful Hoda Asstt. Prof. Karim City College, Jamshedpur
24 Mr. S. M. Samiullah Asstt. Prof. Karim City College, Jamshedpur
25 Mr. R. K. Singh Asstt. Prof R. K. College, Madhubani
26 Mrs. Sarita Kumari Asstt. Prof Ramesh Jha Mahila College, Saharsa
27 Mr. Raju Kumar Singh Asstt. Prof J.P.T.T. College, Samastipur
28 Mrs. Sabra Rahmat Asstt. Prof G. B. T. T. College, Darbhanga
29 Mr. Sadre Alam Asstt. Prof T. P. College, Madhepura
30 Mrs. Nuzhat Perween Asstt. Prof Al Iqra T. T. College, Dhanbad
31 Dr. Najib Iqbal Ashraf Principal Bokaro T. T. College, Bokaro


  1. Campus and Infrastructure
  2. Available Land area in square meters 14,169.15 sq mts
  3. Whether the available land is on
  • Lease basis
  • Ownership

*Note: In case of lease, mention the name of individual or agency from whom lease is taken and period of lease

Shafi Muslim High School, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga, Period of lease Permanent

  1. c) Built-up area in square meters 3854 sq mts

In case of multi-storey building built-up area in square meters on each floor

S. No. Floor Built-up area in square meters
1. Ground Floor 1392
2. First Floor 1231
3. Second Floor 1231
4. Third Floor
5. Fourth Floor
Total Area 3854
  1. Mention if Fire safety equipment has been installed Yes
  2. If yes mention if the same are installed as per Building Bye Laws Yes
  3. Mention the facilities available for differently abled persons

Ramp and special wash room

  1. Mention, if Hostel facilities are available No

If yes

  1. Mention if separate facilities are available for female students Yes/No
  2. Mention the number of male and/or female students for whom facilities are available
  3. Male Students
  4. Female Students
  5. (i) The information regarding the available Infrastructure be provided in the following Table:
S. No. Infrastructure Whether available Yes/No Size in Sq. ft.
a. Classroomi. Classroom 1

ii. Classroom 2

iii. Classroom 3

iv. Class room 4









b. Multipurpose Hall Yes 2002
c. Library-Cum-Reading Room Yes 1416
d. ICT Resource Centre Yes 1027
e. Curriculum Laboratory Yes 251
f. Art & Resource Centre Yes 360
g. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre Yes 1027
h. Multipurpose Playfield Yes 37500
G.(ii) Whether following facilities are available in the Institution:
a. Principal’s Office Yes
b. Staffs Room Yes
c. Administrative Office Yes
d. Visitors Room Yes
e. Separate Common Room for male & female students Yes
f. Seminar Room Yes
g. Canteen Yes
h. Separate Toilet facility for male & female students Yes
i. Separate Toilet facility for differently abled persons Yes
j. Separate Toilet facility for differently abled persons Yes
k. Parking Space Yes
l. Open space for Additional Accommodation Yes
m. Store Room Yes
n. Medical Facility Yes